Student of the Week: Precious Mngomezulu

Studying computer literacy at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre is a dream come true for many students. People from rural communities know a computer when they see one, but most don’t know how to “drive” one. And so it was for Precious Mngomezulu, an Absa-sponsored student who recently scored 90 percent in Microsoft PowerPoint.

“At first it was tremendously hard to understand what PowerPoint was all about”, said Precious. “But with sheer determination and hard work and not forgetting the help of Emelda Mlambo, one of our International Computer Driving License (ICDL) facilitators, I managed to score 90 percent.”

Precious explained that one of her biggest challenges was a preconception that every module would be more or less the same as Word Processing. It didn’t take her long to realise the range of software tools available on a computer, and the big differences between different programs.

Precious Mngomezulu works on a project at the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.

Precious Mngomezulu works on a project at the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.

Precious Mngomezulu and Mpho Lebyane under the Digital Tree of Knowledge.

Precious Mngomezulu and fellow student and “storyteller”, Mpho Lebyane, under the Digital Tree of Knowledge.

Being unable to save a file to a correct location was also stressful for Precious, let alone saving each and every answer on a test. Precious’s perseverance really proves that Nelson Mandela was spot on when he said: “It seems impossible until it’s done.”

“Being Student of the Week really motivates me to work even harder in the current module that I’m studying. In fact, I hoped I would score over 90 percent for PowerPoint, but I’m not complaining – I gave it my all.”

This article was created by Good Work Foundation Hazyview Digital Learning Centre student, Mpho Lebyane. Mpho (also sponsored by Absa) is completing her ICDL, after which she would like to train as a journalist or “story-teller”. What do you think Mpho’s next story should be about?