Student of the Week: Thulani Dube

24-year-old Thulani Dube recently passed his first A+ computing exam.

Having come through ICDL ‘Core’ and ‘Advanced’, Thulani is part of the first group of Good Work Foundation students to write the exam which focuses on computer hardware and operating systems.


Thulani with the A+ manual

“In ten years, I can’t wait to walk through South Africa’s Silicon Valley, shaking hands with exceptional individuals who began their journey at Good Work Foundation” says Kate Groch. “Thulani is one of our students who has truly made the connection between hard work, the course that he is studying, and the possibilities for his future. For students like Thulani, we’ll give 500%.”

There is one more exam standing between Thulani and his A+ certificate. “I won’t let that stop me” says Thulani. “Bill Gates started at the bottom, and look where he is now. My dream is to have my own IT company, and we need those here. We don’t have enough.”


An interview at HDLC with Thulani in 2013

Well done Thulani. Hard work, determination and the will to be the best version of yourself. Your hunger to succeed will carry you far. Congratulations on a very well-deserved “Student of the Week” award.