Student of the Week: Treasure Mbowene

“There were many times during the excel module that I wanted to quit. And when I finally wrote the test, I put my pen down and ran away. I did not want to see anyone.”

Treasure Mbowene is a teacher at Ifalethu Primary School. When the principle at the school informed the teachers that a process was in place to “digitize” all admin and filing, Treasure panicked. “What was I going to do if I couldn’t even log in to a computer? How was I going to file everything on a computer?”


Treasure Mbowene thought that excel was going to be her downfall. But she stuck to it…

Treasure started attending the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre evening classes with Good Work Foundation facilitator, Abna Machavana. She had done well in all of the modules, but then Excel arrived. With its calculations, graphing tools and pivot tables, this module gets many level-headed students into a panic.

“Abna is an encouraging, kind man. I am a teacher, but not one like him. He spent so much time with me telling me ‘we’re going to do this together’ and helping me to take each new skill one step at a time” says Treasure. “Last week I got my test results back, and I scored 93 percent. I could not believe it.”


ICDL Facilitator, Abna Machavana, and Treasure underneath The Digital Tree of Knowledge

Two teachers and one goal to defeat excel.

Treasure and Abna – what a great team.