Student Success: Dan Mnisi and Terry Madlophe

Dan Mnisi, 18, a Grade 10 student at Gezingqondo High school, is a top student among the Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC), who wrote the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) Word Processing exam at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre in January 2015 and scored 93 percent.

“Fun” that is shaping a better future

At first, the tablets and the desktop computers were considered “toys” because whenever these young adults would come to learn at GWF’s Digital Learning Centre, they would say: “We are going to have fun.”

But today, for Dan, the “fun” that he used to come here to have, is actually shaping his life as he’s now seeing the importance of being computer literate.

Life’s lessons

Initially Dan wasn’t taking his ICDL classes very seriously: he would bunk classes and come whenever it suited him. As time went by though, and seeing his peers writing and passing their ICDL modules, Don pulled up his socks and decided to make a change.

The greatest lesson learnt by Dan is that time wasted will never be regained, but a second chance should be grabbed with both hands.

Terry Madlophe, 17, is a Grade 9 student at Gezingqondo High School who is also making sure that he doesn’t let opportunity slip through the net. He recently scored 83 percent on his ICDL Word Processing exam. He hopes to have a full ICDL by the time he matriculates, and, if he does, he may well be one of only a handful of students from Hazyview who does.

Head of ICDL at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre, Gay Sibuyi, said that she is proud that these two young students are investing in their futures. She added: “And what many people don’t know is that it is a digital young woman from our local community who has taught these children. Their teacher, Glenrose Mashigo, has guided these two young men with patience and determination. She is an example to us all.”

Written by Mpho Lebyane. Created by the GWF Media Academy.

Update: Since writing this blog Dan and Terry have written their PowerPoint exams. Dan scored 85 percent and Terry 82 percent. Two more young adults from the OVC programme wrote their Excel exams. Congratulations to Weekend Nkuna who scored 87 percent and Goodman Mnisi who scored 91 percent.


Terry Madlophe


Dan Mnisi