Student Success: Mfumo Thobela

Mfumo Thobela dreams of one day becoming a qualified interior designer. For the moment, she is focusing on a foundation of digital and English at Good Work Foundation. “You can’t be a businesswomen until you can create an invoice and then email it out” says Mfumo. Wise words.

“What drives me?” Mfumo asks, “I am creative and I want to be a designer, but I also want to be the first woman from my village to get a qualification. After this year, I must already be one of the most computer literate women in my village, but one day, I want to also be the one who charges the highest amount per hour for my services!” Mfumo adds that she wants to prove that a rural born woman can be more than just the traditional teacher, nurse or social worker.

Part of Mfumo’s “roadplan” is her attitude. She begins every week with the goal of finishing the quickest, and with the highest mark. “I have made a decision to paint my future bright, and I believe that digital access will add colour and make me shine as an individual,” says Mfumo with confidence. “One day I will use a mouse as my drawing pencil and a computer screen as my drawing book.”

Mfumo will graduate this year with her International Computer Driving License, a food and beverage management qualification and an “English for Access” certificate. Her studies this year have been sponsored by US-based organisation, Empowers Africa.

Equipped, Skilled and digital is how Mfumo Thobela plans to walk out of HDLC.

Mfumo Thobela feels more than ready to allow her “creative juices” to flow into the world of designing.