The Month in Pictures #10

We have been wary about Good Work Foundation becoming too active in the social media space.

Digital hyperactivity is a very real concern, and oftentimes we struggle to keep up with a Facebook page, let alone Twitter and Instagram.

That fear was evident at a recent graduation at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre – our first real event as practicing “Tweeters” and “Instagrammers”.

With two phones, a camera, a video camera, three social media channels, speeches to be made, and an audience of digital graduates expecting real time updates so that they could re-tweet, like, share, comment, and hashtag, at one point there were a couple of the GWF team who looked like the “Apple” version of a very anxious Edward Scissorhands.

We overheard the CEO joking that she was about “go into digital meltdown.”

Admittedly, there were a couple of weeks where what started as “a fun Instagram project” became a digital labyrinth. “Shall we Tweet this? Is this post linked to Instagram? What’s your ‘handle’? Don’t forget to follow these people.”

Luckily we are coming through the “caught in the headlights” phase (although the CEO has run away to Johannesburg, where apparently they aren’t as digital as us in Shabalala), and we are getting the hang of it.

Inspired by our own students, we are learning, pushing the boundaries, and exploring. Via the new Media Academy, our students are learning with us.

Looking back at our first month using Instagram, we are amazed by the result. The photos certainly aren’t as polished as they usually are, but they capture moments that you can’t always set up for with a camera. And it’s those moments that we most enjoy sharing.

Here is our Month in Pictures #10. All captured using Instagram - @goodworkfoundation. #SoProudOfUs #WatchThisSpace #RuralRocks


GWF Angels Ready for action: Njabulo and Mpho ahead of a digital learning class for grade four students this week. Both students are also members of the GWF Media Academy. #openlearning #edutech #hdlc


Zakheleni Primary School at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.


Reading Alice in Wonderland #wonderfilledspace


Our baristas are back and already sharing a vida e caffe with Kate and the team. World-class cappuccinos in rural Mpumalanga – who would’ve thought! @vidaecaffe_official



Chair, tablet and edu app: check. Ready to learn. #PhilippolisCampus


GWF Media Academy student, Nokulunga Ngelo, just having a bit of #iphonography fun.


A collaborative game taking place at the touch of a four year old finger at Philippolis Digital Learning Centre. #edutech #education #rural #southafrica #digital


The CEO did some serious pink zooting up for tonight’s Mail&Guardian Innovators of the Future Awards. The bright colors of GWF were represented!


Gwendoline takes on Letter Attack and wins! #PhilippolisCampus


Gay, Mercyful, and Ryan getting their #ShotOfLife @vidaecaffe_official with Kaizer at vida Sandton.

Written by Ryan James. Created and photographed by the Good Work Foundation Media Academy.