The Month in Pictures #18

We’re going to share a moving TED talk later this month. It was delivered by a school principal working in the northern Philadelphia school district and she discusses how she changed a low-performing and “persistently dangerous” school into a place of learning and hope. The principal uses three slogans, which have inspired this edition of The Month in Pictures:

1. If you’re going to lead, then lead (be a strong leader, take control and get out from behind your desk)

2. So what, now what? (stop falling back on the excuses of “why not”. Ask yourself: “what am I going to do to make a difference?”)

3. If no-one told you that they loved you today, know that I do, and I always will (this one doesn’t need explaining)

Enjoy our 18th edition of the Month in Pictures:


We have a “CEO’s fund” at GWF with the underlying principle being that if we think it will make a difference in someone’s life, we’ll do it. These children did not have a school uniform – and while our business is digital education – no one can stop us from making someone’s day by buying them brand new school uniforms! If no-one told you that they loved you today, know that we do, and we always will.


We believe in bringing world-class education to our students – better than anything they’ve ever experienced before. So, at two of our digital learning campuses where business skills are required to supplement IT, hospitality and English courses, Kate Groch (right) and Gogo Mo (centre) made a plan and collaborated with Ursula Jorch (left), one of the USA’s leading business coaches. Ursula spent a week in Mpumalanga in entrepreneurship workshops with students from our adult bridging year. If you are going to lead, then lead!


The scholars that attend our Open Learning Academy are the first in rural South Africa to have their digital learning outsourced. Barriers to digital education at rural schools include: lack of budget, lack of digital expertise among the teachers, and lack of security. We said: “So what, now what?” How can we come alongside these schools and support them? How can we make a difference? In this photo, Open Learning Academy facilitator, Teaman Manzini celebrates an online “top score” with a group of children from Ifalethu.


He had limited resources and limited experience, but Abna Machavana (far right) took a group of six adult students and dedicated his energy to getting them through the CompTIA A+ syllabus. In June, every student in that class passed their first exam and is one step closer to becoming a qualified computer technician. If you’re going to lead, then lead.


Fostertown Elementary School (USA) and Hazyview Digital Learning Campus (SA) are thousands of kilometres apart, but they wanted to have a class together. “So what? Now what?” Using Skype, this month the two classes compared 3D art that took place in a virtual lesson, complete with 3D glasses.

Ntsako Mandlazi, is two months away from completing her International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (HDLC): “The South African youth are like a breath of fresh air. We are the most talented bunch with so much ahead of us. South Africa should be proud of us because we are so brave and have always been, dating back to 1976 when we took our first steps to ensuring that we get proper education in the long run.  I am 100% South African.”

In June, to all of South Africa’s youth: “If no-one told you that they love you today, know that we love you and we always will!”