The Month in Pictures #20

The old saying states that one shall reap what one sows, and that was the case this Friday at Hazyview Digital Learning Campus (HDLC). I know exactly what it feels like to put so much effort and hard work towards getting a qualification, and the best part is when the opportunity to claim the moment finally comes. And it did for the 59 newly produced graduates of Good Work Foundation (GWF).

On that day, the graduates owned the spotlight and they had such proud faces and confident walks as they adhered to their names that were called upon one by one to receive their International Driving Licence (ICDL), English and Hospitality certificates.

The one parent that was sitting in front of me was so anxious she kept muttering to herself wondering if they had not forgotten to call out her daughter’s name. These mothers struggled together with the graduates when they were students. They too worry about transport to and from the campus for their children. They worry about the amount of effort put into studying by their children. On that graduation day, they were not only proud of the fact that their children now had access into the digital world; they were celebrating a well-deserved break after 12 full months of schooling.

59 more graduates down, more than a million more to produce around Shabalala Township and beyond. A number of the graduates have been accepted into various universities to go and study towards careers of their choices. It is an exciting thought to sit and wonder what the future holds for these young minds with access into the digital economy of the world.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the month in pictures; we have also included a handful of photos from our other projects from this month.


Teaman Manzini (right) caps Sante Msume. It wasn’t so long ago that Teaman was being capped himself.


All of our graduates under the Tree.


Priscilla Mhlanga celebrates after receiving her certificates.


The Hazyview Campus CompTIA A+ class were recently recruited by Richard Branson’s NGO, Pride n Purpose, to complete an IT installation at Dumphries High School just outside the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve.


Kate Groch’s iconic Women’s Day image has gone viral on Twitter. You can follow Kate @kate_teach.


Accolade Ubisi was profiled on the Hazyview Herald this month in an article titled: “The Big Data Women Who Will Change SA”. Go to to read the full story.


Celebrating Gogo Mo’s birthday under the Digital Tree of Knowledge. It was a treat to have our Development Coordinator, Angela Clifton (second lady from right), there to join in the fun.


Peeking over a sea of beautifully decorated heads towards the Digital Tree of Knowledge and the 7th GWF Graduation Ceremony.


Richard Laburn presents a lecture on blogging to the GWF Media Academy class at the Hazyview Digital Learning Campus. We loved his 11 “I learn” steps.


Gay Sibuyi and Maya Groch – a cuddle under the Tree …

Written and compiled by Accolade Ubisi and  the GWF Media Academy.