The Month in Pictures #26

March has been one the busiest months Good Work Foundation (GWF) has had so far this year. Justicia Digital Campus has been launched and is up and running, with more than 100 people walking into the campus to access education everyday. Grade seven students from Shabalala village local schools have started with their digital learning programme under Open Learning Phase Two. Take a look at March’s best captured and unseen photos that will explain each moment way better than words ever could. Enjoy the photos contributed by GWF Media Academy team as well as Caroline, a GWF volunteer from Germany.

Hazyview Digital Learning Campus introduced drones to Open Learning Academy students, on how to use it as well as why to use it.

Hazyview Digital Learning Campus introduced drones to Open Learning Academy students as part of their conservation programme. This is one of the most exciting aspect of open learning as it allows kids to have fun while attaining knowledge and skills. Rural education has never been more fun and engaging! Photo by Accolade Ubisi.

The GWF CEO Kate Groch ia sharing a speach at the JDLC launch.

GWF CEO Kate Groch launched the Justica Campus on a Friday, and flew half way around the world in the same weekend to start fundraising for more digital hubs to be planted across South Africa, and eventually Africa. Photo by GWF volunteer Caroline.

Education brings love,peace and joy to those beautiful kids of Madlala School. You can see their face that it says''i want to learn and i will make it in life''.

Justicia Village children walk by the newly opened digital hub in awe and wonder as they head home from school. These are the same children who will from next week, be students of Justicia Digital Learning Campus (JDLC), and start learning English, math and conservation literacy on tablets and computers as the Open Learning programme rolls out at JDLC. Photo by GWF volunteer Caroline.

Hazyview Digital Learning Campus team started the JDLC launch with a nice chorus as part of flying the GWF's pink flag high and show how much happy they were on the day of JDLC launch.

It is not entirely an African event, until it is opened by song and dance. That was the case at Justicia launch, as the GWF choir echoed through the marula trees with local favorite jovial songs and dance moves. Photo by Ryan James.

The JDLC coordinate Linky Nkuna, appreciates the Digital Learning  Campus because she know the huge different that the campus will bring to the Justicia community as well as Madlala learners that have the eager to learn more.

The JDLC Coordinator Linky Nkuna, appreciates the Digital Learning Campus, especially because she grew up in that very same village where she says she ,”had never imagined that one day, the Justicia people would get access to world class education,” where they too could use English and technology as ‘pens’ to write their bright future with. Photo by Wiseboy Shabangu.

Nobody is forcing them, they do it because the have a lot of love for the music and they make that every day they learn new things in music.

African musical instrument lessons continue under Open Learning Academy, The marimba seems to be the most liked and also sounds beautiful it is almost unbelievable that it is played by kids who only started learning about music when they stepped into GWF, for some a few months ago. Photo by Mfumo Thobela.

JDLC Open Learning Facilitator Tsakani Ndlovu, helps the Ifalethu Primary learners on how to study using tablet as part of her training programme.

JDLC’s new Open Learning Academy Facilitator Tsakani Ndlovu, helps Ifalethu Primary School learners on how to study using tablets. Photo by Mfumo Thobela.

Teaman Manzini ensures fun filled learning space to Ifalethu Primary School.

HDLC Open Learning Academy Facilitator Teaman Manzini has created a traditions that has become of the reasons the children love coming to the campus to learn. Teaman is not only a facilitator to the kids, he is a mentor, a role model and a big brother who awards them with high-fives and hugs each time they learn how to do something new during their learning process. This is the kind of magic that is created in GWF’s hubs. Photo by Mfumo Thobela.

HDLC Conservation Academy students received their presents from Konica minolta.

HDLC Conservation Academy students are on their third month of learning into this newly introduced course powered by Konika Minolta South Africa (KMSA). KMSA recently donated more equipment to assist the students with their learning process. Photo by Mfumo Thobela.

HDLC ICDL Facilitator Thembi Ngwenya in class, teaching ICDL students everything about word processing as well as preparing them for the coming exam.

HDLC ICDL Facilitator Thembi Ngwenya in class, teaching ICDL students everything about word processing as well as preparing them for the next coming exam.

The ICDL Bridging Year Academy students continues with the PowerPoint lessons.

Bridging Academy students continues with PowerPoint lessons. We all look forward to watching and listening to them later when they do English Power Point presentations using the skills they are learning now.

Open Learning Academy Students are writing their test in order to see where are they god and where are they struggle.

Open Learning Academy’s programme has been extended to grade sevens who now come to the Hazyview hub for digital learning at least once a week. The plan is to eventually have all primary grades accessing digital learning fro GWF;s digital hubs.

HDLC Open Learning Academy HOD Crispen Bvumbghe, is motivating the Open Learning Academy students on how important education it is.

HDLC Open Learning Academy HOD Crispen Bvumbghe welcomes the grade sevens from Ifalethu Primary schools who came to see the ‘wonder-filled’ learning space at the Hazyview campus for the first time.

HDLC English Facilitator Mam Ivy, is preparing the English students for the better future and she is doing everything that she can to make them the best in the world.

HDLC English Facilitator Ivy Shabangu, is preparing the English students for their first English test as GWF’s Bridging Academy students.

Compiled by GWF Media Academy.