The Pink Picassos get creative in Hazyview

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the T-Systems finance team at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre. But it wasn’t all pastel accounting, excel spreadsheets and number crunching.

Rather, we unpacked the paint rollers, a few hundred litres of magenta pink paint, and our Picasso berets. Well, not quite the Picasso berets (although I’ll remember those for next time).

Our brief was to “paint the town pink.” One of the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre’s walls backs onto the road that links Hazyview to the Kruger Park. It has remained a very dull “concrete grey” since building was completed over a year ago.

We thought it was time to give the centre, as well as Tshabalala village a splash of colour. Just over one year on, we’re proud of what we have achieved together with our partners from T-Systems. In celebration, rather than champagne flowing, the magenta pink paint burst on to the scene in rural South Africa.

T-Systems are a founding partner of Hazyview Digital Learning Centre. They financed the 3.7 million rand building as well as a large portion of the operations costs. But the partnership goes beyond finance. At Hazyview we run our ICT academy based on the model that T-Systems has developed at their ICT academy in Johannesburg. The T-Systems team offer continual curriculum and planning support and have worked closely with us as we’ve developed our vision for the rural education space.

As it’s spring – and we have developed our African model of education inspired by the digital tree of knowledge – the T-Systems team also surprised us by donating (and planting) three pepperbark trees at the entrance of the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre.

To T-Systems South Africa, we are so lucky to have a partner as passionate about South Africa and its human potential as we are. We are continually grateful for your belief in our shared vision. We hope you realise the immense contribution you have made in the creation of this space. A space of world-class education, opportunity and hope.

We have renamed the T-Systems finance team “the Pink Picassos of Tshabalala”. A title that the staff and community at Hazyview hold in high esteem.

Thank you for your continued support and guidance!

Kate Groch and the Hazyview Team