GWF Week in Edu-Tweets #20

The last two weeks have been hectic, as Good Work Foundation prepared and launched a brad new campus in rural Justicia. It is now time to catch up with all that has been happening on our Twitter page and followers who kept the whole of South African and beyond up to date with all that was happening in the days leading to the launch of Justicia Digital Learning Campus(JDLC),  right down to the final day the the doors of JDLC were opened for the Justicia community and its neighbors. Enjoy some of our best tweets of #Justicia Campus launch.

1. From Good Work Foundation. We are very humbled and excited about new people believing in our mission and joining us to spread this education revolution all over South Africa and eventually all over Africa. The companies mentioned on this tweet helped GWF to launch a digital campus in another village in rural Mpumalanga.


2. The GWF CEO Kate Groch and her daughter Maya have been travelling around the UK and USA, and will be away for three months. They have gone out to share the news of our education revolution with people abroad. They have been sharing their adventurous journey with us through beautiful photos and a blogs posted on a website that Maya has started, titled: “where in the world are we.”


3. From Good Work Foundation , Mr Trevor Manuel opened the Hazyview Digital Learning Campus in August 2012, and left the team then of six members with a challenge, he said; “make it work,” this last month, Mr.Manuel has seen that the GWF team succeeded in what he challenged them with when he helped launch the Justicia Campus this March 2016.


4. From The GWF CEO Kate Groch, who motivates her staff and followers through quotes of wisdom, excellence, learning and love everyday on her Twitter page.


5. It is not everyday that one is put in the front, first and middle page of a publication, but that was the case for GWF on the local newspaper Hazyview Herald. An editor from the Lowveld group came to the launch of the Justicia campus and in her own words said, “it has been such a blessing to experience first hand what GWF is doing to education in rural Mpumalanga.”


6. From GWF Media and Communications Manager Ryan James. Someone wise once said that healthy food  leads to a healthy mind . Justicia Campus Coordinator Linky Nkuna started her day with this nutritious lunch intended to encourage staff members and students to be conscious about what they eat.


7. From JDLC Coordinator Linky Nkuna watches as Head of Open Learning Academy Crispen Bvumbghe  workshops new volunteers about OLA Apps and gamifications.


Compiled by Wiseboy Shabangu.