GWF Week In Edu-Tweets #23

1. HDLC Media Intern Wiseboy Shabangu entered the barn and found OLA Facilitator Selby Mokoena in a very good mood with the OLA learners because of the digital knowledge they have gained today.


2. The fun and the joy that you see in their eyes when they learn using technology, you can tell that they truly enjoy what they are learning. Ryan James couldn’t stop himself but capture the moment of joy as the Grade 4 learners from one of our local schools explored the world of robots and coding.


3.  ’Witty” uses his 23  years of hospitality experience to prepare the JDLC Bridging Academy students for their upcoming exam in various  hospitality activities. The JDLC coordinator Linky Nkuna was there to share the experience with all of us.


4. When you bring puzzles in front of OLA learners, their world gets brightened, through an engaging and fun way of learning. The JDLC coordinator Linky Nkuna always makes sure that her team at JDLC teaches the students with love and most importantly with patience to especially accommodate learners who learn slowly.


5. GWF Media Coordinator Accolade Ubisi conducted the second media lesson for the Bridging Academy students this past week. The students learned how to google search, open email accounts as well as register with various job alerts.


6. From Ryan James. Barclay’s Ready To Work programme is at full swing with more than 67 students who have completed a module and have been awarded certificates for it.


7.  From GWF Ryan James. Accolade Ubisi welcomed our new volunteers Ray and Catriona to HDLC with lovely smiles on their faces.


8. Linky Nkuna captured learners from Mketse Primary School, who are part of JDLC’s OLA programme. These students have had no more than three digital literacy classes yet they are already addicted to learning.


9. From Ryan James. Bridging Academy course aims to channel its students through either of the three different paths after their year long computer, online and English courses have been completed. It is either they return for a second year course at GWF,or further their studies at university or use the skills and qualifications acquired from the BA to look for a job. GWF invites different institutions to exhibit their careers so students know and understand them well before they chose. NYDA recently hosted the GWF students for a career day, wherein various professionals showcased their careers.


10. Media Coordinator Accolade Ubisi was happy to see young rural people embrace technology and have fun taking some selfies.


12. The recently launch JDLC hosted students from three various rural high schools for th Mpumalanga Arts Festival. Accolade Ubisi was among the crowed that was amazed by the amount of talent the rural students have. The Move In Dance Mophatong sent a group of dancers who taught the young students how to learn using dramatic gestures like music, dance and performance.


Compiled by GWF Media Academy.