The Week In Edu-Tweets #45

1. This week is the South African school holidays but this fact did not deter this young fulfilled learners from entering the digital barn to learn. Hazyview Media Intern Mfumo Thobela, witnessed this moments as the were learners dancing and clapping their way to ‘wonder-filled’ learning.


2. From Hazyview Media Intern Wiseboy Shabangu, our in-house mathematician Selby Mokoena always goes an extra mile to assist the Grade 11 school learners who come to our campus with maths during  school holidays. We commend you Selby for your amazing spirit to educate the nation.


3. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus Coodrinator Linky Nkuna, our Media Coordinator Accolade Ubisi held her last media class with the Bridging Academy students of Justicia Campus. We are hopeful that these classes have exposed the learners to a world that is in the cloud and digital.


4. From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Mfumo Thobela, Good Work Foundation recently joined the world in celebration of all teachers around the globe. We extend out our thoughts and positive energies to all the educators around the world. Without a teacher there isn’t even one profession in this world and that shows how much important teaches are.


5. From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus, Open Learning Academy Ronica Tier, shares how the children in Philippolis enjoy their school holidays through soccer. One of GWF’s values is ‘Fun’ and if you want learners to learn better, let them have fun.


6.From Head of Open Learning Academy, Crispen Bvumbghe, Khetsalwati High School learners recently attend at Hazyview Digital Learning Campus for the Olympiad English workshop. The workshop aims to enhance young peoples English skills and creative thinking.


7. From Justicia Digital Learning Campus Coordinator Linky Nkuna, this was a proud moment as Open Learning Facilitators decided to improve their facilitating skills through doing online courses.


8.From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Media Intern Mpho Lebyane, Bridging Academy Students could do with an unexpected motivational talk from a former Hazyview Digital Learning Campus, Bridging Academy Student, Treasure Manzini, who was just passing by the campus and decided to say hello. Little did he know that his day would turn into a motivational session and we are very excited to see that he is doing very well with his studies.


9.From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Media Intern Wiseboy Shabangu, it might be school holidays, but digital learning continues inside the barn.


10.From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Media Intern Mfumo Thobela, the Media Team is always showing and assisting the team with ways on how to use social media correctly. The usage of #hashtags is of utmost importance, hence Hazyview Digital Learning Campus facilitator, Delisiwe Mkhwanazi, sought assistance as to how use them.


11.From Hazyview Digital Leaning Campus Media Intern, Mpho Lebyane, there are many courses that students can choose from in Hospitality, ranging from Food and Beverages to Tour Guide.


12.From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Media Intern Wiseboy Shabangu, these Bridging Academy students know that the best way to understand a lesson in class is to pay full attention.


13.From Justicia Digital Learning Campus Coordinator Linky Nkuna, the gardeners dared the chilly weather to plant trees so that  the campus looks beautiful.


14.From Hazyview Digital Learning Campus Media Intern Mpho Lebyane, as the future is digital, so are these children who participate in the Orphan Vulnerable Children (OVC) programme. They certainly are hands-on their tablets as they immersed their minds into what they are doing.


15.From Philippolis Digital Learning Campus Coordinator Lulani Vermeulen, it mattered not whether it is school holidays or not for these Philippolis Open Learning learners who haven’t lost the value of finger-counting.


Compiled by Hazyview Media Intern: Mfumo Thobela