Then & Now: Hazyview Digital Learning Centre

Two rainy seasons have been and gone since the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre opened in 2012, and now we are entering our third. The first storms of the season have rolled in, and – for those who are familiar with the lowveld – we had our first woodlands kingfisher in the garden last week. Since opening day back in 2012, you’ll notice a big difference in the gardens.┬áBut while we have had two seasons of rain, we have also had two years of incredible energy and spirit. From the facilitators, to the students and the visitors. The growth has been incredible. To appreciate the change (both the big and small), here are some of the photos:


The transition from left to right: (1) A banana barn in January 2012; (2) The Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (HDLC) in August 2012; and (3) The HDLC campus in 2014.


The Hazyview Digital Learning Centre at the beginning of summer 2014.


The gardens have grown…


… and so has the spirit! 52 new students gather under the Tree this week.


2014: A side view of the barn.


Teacher, Crispen Bvumbghe, preparing for class in a brand new 2014 classroom which has been added to accommodate “English for Access” – a new component in the “Bridging Year” syllabus.


Our #MandelaDay pledges went up in the “barn” as a reminder of our commitment to the future of our country.


One of our resident baristas, Njabulo Mashele, at our brand new vida e caffe barista training centre.


A view up through the branches of the Digital Tree of Knowledge.


Pink and grey and beautiful light coming in through the top windows of the barn.


IT Academy Coordinator, Gay Sibuyi, prepares for a lesson in one of the state-of-the-art computer labs.


The “barn” now has an additional 12 desktop computers that are used for Open Learning in the morning and Hospitality in the afternoons.


The IT team gathers for a strategy session in Classroom 3.


South African adventurer, Sibusiso Vilane, talks under the Tree earlier in 2014, about the courage to work towards a goal.