Video: Absa Adds to Prosper Film Campaign with Deliwe Tibane’s Inspirational Story

Absa Bank, as part of its Prosper campaign, which shows its impact on the lives of people across Africa, has released its new short film featuring the story of Deliwe Tibane and how she helped to build the award-winning Hazyview Digital Learning Campus (HDLC).

Deliwe is a single mother from rural Mpumalanga and, in 2012, willing to do anything to support her two young daughters, she was able to find part-time employment at a local building company on the outskirts of Hazyview.

Deliwe’s first major building project was a “barn conversion” in a village close to Hazyview. Non-profit organisation, Good Work Foundation (GWF) in partnership with T-Systems South Africa, was converting an old banana packing barn into a 21st century learning campus, a dream that included a grand vision to reimagine learning in rural South Africa.

Having women work on building crews is not common in Hazyview, even today, but Deliwe says: “As a single mother I was willing to do even the hardest and most physically challenging jobs to protect and support my two children. There were just two women on the crew. It was hard, but we kept up.”

When building was complete, the next building contract would have required Deliwe to leave her children for six months to work in a remote location. As a single parent, that was not an option and so Deliwe turned to GWF’s CEO, Kate Groch, who, having identified Deliwe as a determined young woman, offered her a maintenance job at HDLC.

Fast-forward four years and, today, Deliwe is the receptionist and student accounts administrator at the campus. She has completed IT and online hospitality courses, taught English and supported digital learning programmes for children. She is part of the team that is reimagining learning in rural South Africa.

As Absa put it on their website: “Through her journey of hard work, perseverance and determination, Deliwe has laid the foundations for her, her children and her community to prosper.”