Video: Flying Drones at Hazyview

As we move into the digital age, conservation is changing too. And it has to: poachers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods, but also, anti-poaching collaborations connect to each other from different locations around the world, requiring online information transfers and remote project management.

The new bizhub Conservation Academy at Hazyview Digital Learning Centre adds an environmental awareness layer to our syllabus, for adults and for school-aged learners. What we are particularly excited about though, is the digital component and recently, Shadowview, a Dutch not-for-profit, spent three days at HDLC demonstrating how Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can be used in the conservation of animals, habitats and the natural environment.

Here’s a video of our first UAV interaction. Towards the end of the video, you will notice that the UAV pursues one of our young learners who volunteers to take on the role of “poacher.”

Thank you to Konica Minolta South Africa for their support of the bizhub Conservation Academy, a pioneering partnership that looks to empower a new generation of community conservationists and entrepreneurs who will be given the requisite skills to become active, productive and engaged in the commercial and career possibilities of South Africa’s newly emerging and growing economy of wildlife.