Video: South Africa’s Resilient Youth Continues to Inspire

At just 27-years-old, Helen Sibuyi – a single mother from rural South Africa – didn’t have a career, a plan or any money.

Yet, two and a half years later Helen is about to board an international flight bound for Portofino in Italy, where she will continue a successful career in the tourism industry.

In a month where we celebrate youth, we celebrate Helen, not only for what she has achieved for herself, but for what she has achieved for all of us.

Because every time one of us breaks through the ceiling that was created for us, we are showing those around us that they can too. Often without knowing it, our achievement has been to allow others to begin a new dream.

Today we celebrate this extraordinary story. We share Helen’s smile, her energy and her courage in a beautiful video that we believe our entire community (from CEOs and donors, to staff and students) can learn from.

Especially our South African youth: watch and be inspired. Practice determination, grow into your resilience and grab onto your dreams.

Note: Helen completed GWF’s Absa-sponsored Bridging Academy programme in 2014. She was the top-performing Hospitality Academy student and, as a result, was accepted into the SA College of Tourism, based in Graaff Reinet. Helen graduated top of her class (of more than 90 young women from across South Africa) and was selected to do her internship at the award-winning Drostdy Hotel. Helen was selected to spend four months in Portofino, Italy in 2017 as part of an extended internship opportunity. Helen dreams of one day opening her own boutique café.