Watch Boyd Varty’s TED Talk

For those of you who haven’t managed to see it yet, we are extremely proud to have one of our Good Work Foundation Trustees voice a message that is close to all of our hearts on TED.

Through his immense enthusiasm, his wisdom and his seemingly bottomless vault of ideas, Boyd Varty continues to guide, support and mentor the teachers and the students at Good Work Foundation.

He reminds us that teachers can be learners and learners can be teachers. He supports us when we proclaim that we are going to revolutionise education in rural Africa and change the future of an entire generation.

Most importantly, Ubuntu, Boyd’s guiding star, continues to set the foundation of values at Good Work Foundation. Sharing ideas. Supporting one another. Learning under the tree. Stopping in a corridor to acknowledge a fellow human being. Making education available to everyone. And especially, making the best parts of education available to everyone. That’s Ubuntu.

Thank you Boyd!