What Indie ‘Gogo’ has to say about Indiegogo

Far, far away, on the very edge of South Africa (almost in Mozambique in fact), an indie Gogo in a rural community is obsessed about access to education. ‘Gogo’ is the Zulu word for grandmother, and many of our friends will have met Good Work Foundation’s own indie Gogo – a previous educator (and now a silver fox, as she likes to call herself) who has said no to retirement and yes to “a new, exciting and digital way of education” in rural Africa.

Here’s the thing. Our indie Gogo will always be the original, but there is another Indiegogo, and we’ve challenged Gogo to explain:

“Indiegogo is an online crowdfunding platform and we are using it for the very first time. As part of our Open Learning for Africa movement, we are trying to raise $25 each for 10,000 rural schoolchildren. $25 is really all it takes to send a single rural schoolchild to Good Work Foundation’s Open Learning Academy for a whole year. Now, I know that many of you have seen first-hand the work that we do and asked ‘how do we get involved Gogo?’ We would be over-the-moon if all you did was sponsor a single child for a year. You would be making a huge difference!”

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