Whopping 39 ICDL Passes in Philippolis

It’s a six-hour drive from Johannesburg and it’s surrounded by the vast Karoo semi-desert, but its remoteness hasn’t stopped the people of Philippolis from pledging to become digitally connected citizens.

16 individuals have passed a combined 39 International Computer Driving License (ICDL) modules at the end of this year. That includes: (1) Basic concepts of IT; (2) Using a computer and managing files; (3) Word processing; (4) Spreadsheets; (5) Database; (6) Presentation; and (7) Information and Communication.

“Ten years ago in Philippolis, the word “digital” didn’t exist,” says GWF CEO, Kate Groch. “We now have a digital campus: learning using a computer and using the internet is becoming the norm. I must mention that more than 80 percent of those who passed are women and girls, who – more and more – are stepping up and empowering themselves for a better future.”

A special mention to Jonita Rakotsoane, our ICDL facilitator in Philippolis, who has worked extremely hard to ensure that Philippolis has access to quality IT-literacy training. We would also like to acknowledge the following Good Work Foundation team members who have passed ICDL modules: Natasha Padda, Sanah Bogoe, Endolene Jameson, Lulani Vermeulen and Annamarie Vermeulen.

Thank you to Deon Hancke and the team from the ICDL for continuing to help us bring access to world-class education to South Africa’s rural areas.


The Team at Philippolis in April 2014 with Ryan, Zodwa and Gay visiting from Mpumalanga.


Jonita (right) directing an ICDL class at Philippolis Digital Learning Centre in July 2014.

Watch our Philippolis Digital Learning Centre video: