The All Heart Fund is inspired by the heart and spirit of Leanna Knopik, a young lady who touched many lives.


“I want to volunteer in Africa. I’ve never been so sure of something in my whole life.” – Excerpt from Leanna’s diary.

Leanna Knopik

Leanna’s time on Earth was brief. At the age of 16, she passed away suddenly after contracting a rare heart infection. Despite her lost battle, she fought exceptionally hard during her final days, surprising even her physicians.

But Leanna’s heart always guided her path in life. She was very passionate about her faith and loved helping others throughout her community and beyond. A family trip to South Africa was a life-changing experience for her. She felt a sincere connection to the South African people and wanted to work as a missionary, helping children in schools and orphanages.

Leanna’s loving friends and family often remember her as “all heart.”


Leanna never had the chance to volunteer in Africa, so in the spirit of her heart’s wishes, the All Heart Fund has been created to provide the resources and education necessary to enhance the lives of rural African families.

The All Heart Fund (AHF) is a fundraising arm of the award-winning South African-based non-profit, Good Work Foundation (GWF). Its purpose is to raise funds that create high-impact digital learning experiences for Africans living in rural areas, delivering skills that enable them to interact meaningfully with a digital world.

GWF operates six digital learning campuses in rural South Africa to date – including the Justicia Digital Learning Campus which was funded in large part by the AHF – and provides digital and English literacy training to over 7000 adults and children per week.

The AHF also creates opportunities for students to travel to larger communities and cities for unique educational and leadership experiences and to connect with real-life businesses. In addition, one special student is chosen to receive the Leanna Knopik Cup, an annual award which honors the student who demonstrates the biggest “heart”.


Safari Sarasota is a three-day, five-event experience inspired by Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club travels, the passion to support digital learning in rural areas of South Africa, and to honor a special legacy, Leanna Knopik. Safari Sarasota events benefit the AHF. It was Leanna’s dream to support children and education in the rural areas of SA. Over the last two years, the AHF in partnership with the Good Work Foundation has been able to provide digital literacy access to over 1,500 South Africa School children per week.

Former and current Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club travellers, past Safari Sarasota attendees, local residents who are interested in philanthropy, along with guests who want to learn more about the food and wine culture of South Africa, will join together at these events for a very important cause.


To make donation to the All Heart Fund in memory of Leanna, select “In memory of…” on our donation page.


To find out more about Good Work Foundation’s mission to improve digital literacy in rural African areas, watch this short video explaining the unique digital learning campus model. You can also stay up-to-date on GWF’s progress on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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