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By: Ryan James

The story of 2020 is a weird one. You look one way and you see tragedy, loss, heartache and economic disaster. In between all of that, there are little glimmers of hope and connection.

For us – an organisation with six Digital Learning Campuses, a head office, team members working from home even before coronavirus and multiple partners and supporters – we worked hard to stay connected to each other, and in the process, realised that we are now more connected than ever before.

For example, every morning begins in song, shared to every single one of us. Video updates regularly hit our Whatsapp groups and we’ve set up SMS groups to reach community stakeholders.

And yes, we had our first organisation-wide Town Hall on Zoom. As an aside we are looking for a name, other than “Town Hall” that is more expressive of our culture. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.

Here are seven of our most wonder-filled Zoom moments since March 26th:

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