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— Kate Groch, CEO & Founder


In the early days of the GWF mission (which by the way was not that long ago), it was easy to know what was going on in our programmes. We could walk around and see for yourself. I could go through the Open Learning sessions and on to the Bridging Year class.

You would be able to meet up with most of the staff every day and as CEO it was easy to know all that was happening every day.

These days with our staff of 120 and 6 Digital Campuses, in two South African provinces, it is no longer that simple. The programmes have also grown and we have two Career Academies in Hazyview. How is it possible to keep up to date with all that is happening on our GWF mission?

I have started to use Twitter to do just that! To keep up with everything that goes on. I also have the privilege of travelling to share our GWF story and am sometimes on the other side of the world but every evening I can wander through the campuses via Twitter to see everything that has gone on that day

Whether it is the joy of Open Learning, I get to share it.


Or the Bridging Year students preparing for their futures and their ICDL exams; the Travel & Tourism Career Academy Hospitality students making coffees; the Conservation students learning the art of digital photography out in the wild; or the ICT Academy students dismantling computers. I get to see how they are doing.



And sometimes I can just check in on the team. Be reminded of our vision and mission or share the adventures and victories as we travel.

Having been a slow starter on the Twitter front, I am definitely a convert. It has become an important check in for me. Hearing the different voices from our various campuses, seeing all our staff, students and programmes and, of course, being able to feel part of all that goes on no matter where we are in the world. All thanks to Twitter and the little blue bird.

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