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Recently, we’ve been looking at how the world sees and hears from GWF; how best do we communicate our GWF story to the world? What do we say? How do we say it? What do we look like? What will people see that makes them know us and remember us? How do we transport those who haven’t visited us in person to a place of understanding us and feeling our passion?

In working through these questions, we recognised that our identity needed a refresh – a story framework and visual identity that would reflect our essence and our heart; a showroom that would reflect our modernity, youthfulness, and professionalism. The part of this journey that is probably the most poignant visually is our new logo. Its creation was a magical confluence of ideas, story, and symbolism to reflect who we are.

Our New Logo

An African tree. A human finger-print. A digital motherboard. These are three significant symbols in our story. Our new logo combines all three into one, symbolising the power of access to digital education to transform the lives of young people in rural African communities.

An African Tree: Terabytus Digitata.

Inspired by the ancient baobab, under the tree so much happens: Story-telling, community-building, the passing on of knowledge, folklore and traditions and of course, learning. Our tree speaks to our heritage – a teacher and her two students out in the African bush learning under a tree. Our tree is a place for learning and sharing – a wireless connection to knowledge. Its where ancient wisdom meets new digital knowledge.

Read more about Terrabytus Digitata here

A Human Finger-Print.

In this digital world, your finger and finger print can open up a world of possibilities, ideas, and creativity. This represents the opportunity we give learners, and the choice they make to show up every day to learn and change their trajectory. It also represents the story of the individual human. Digital is amazing, but equally important is the human touch.

A Digital Motherboard.

The nodes of the motherboard symbolise the Fourth Industrial Revolution* and our effort to give a gateway to all people to be part of it. Digital is one of the key languages of access and exclusion from it is not an option.

*The Fourth Industrial Revolution can be described as the advent of “cyber-physical systems” involving entirely new capabilities for people and machines. Read more here.

To read more about our visual identity and brand story, download our Brand Book here

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