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Women's Month

Women's Month 2019

For Women’s Month 2019, we chose to celebrate the #StrongWomen who are GWF’s friends, advisors, supporters, leaders, mentors and counsellors. We asked them to share a thought, quote or story about women, women and GWF, to inspire other women and girls. We also asked our students to spend an afternoon drilling down into what Women’s Month means. How those brave women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956 put everything aside to shout out against injustice. In the world today, women are still shouting out in righteous anger about the treatment of women and girls in South Africa and the world. We encourage everyone to keep on rallying around this for when we raise up #StrongWomen, we will raise up the nation.

We see from all of the thoughts shared and the sessions our students had that strength in a woman means many different things. It means looking a challenge in the eye and facing it head on with no fear. It means showing empathy for someone even if they’ve hurt you deeply. It means standing up for what is right even if it goes against the norm. It means fighting tooth and nail for the needs and rights of all people to be met. It means challenging the norm and coming up with creative ways to solve problems.

One of Kate’s favourite quotes is

Here’s to strong women may we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

Let’s do just that. Let’s surround ourselves by women who are strong, and be strong for each other. And raise up women to be strong and brave and all these wonderful things we’ve read from our the Women of GWF! #StrongWomen

Read the stories at each link below (there are even more to come as well to check back again soon!)

Tanya dos Santos

Shan Varty 

Sue Garratt, Poppy Ngomane, Barbara Davis

Laetitia Coetzer

Dineo Molefe

Sazini Mojapelo

Jenifer Westphal 




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