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Dear GWF friends and family,

I have spoken about the pink thread before. That magical trace that connects us all on a vision to create more learning, more opportunities, and more kindness for all people.

While we all battle to overcome practical challenges and very real fears that have arrived on the wave of a global pandemic, I find myself thinking about the pink thread and the beauty and courage that I see in our global community all the time.

What we as a Good Work Foundation (GWF) team want to say today is very simple:

To everyone who has lost a loved one, our love, thoughts, and prayers are with you. To everyone who is sick, we are thinking of you and sending your strength of mind and body. To everyone who is in uncontrollable fear, don’t judge yourself harshly. Most of us have been there. Find a way to move through it, we know we can.

Apart from being a positive and thoughtful presence in the virtual world, our number one priority now is protecting the well-being of our team and our community at large:


All of our digital learning campuses are now closed and will reopen on the 14th April (pending further developments and/or directions from the South African government). A large majority of our team is taking paid leave during this time, and those who can work from home are doing so.


All of our efforts are first and foremost being deployed into educating our 130 team members about how the spread of Covid-19 can be contained. We have opened a number of communication channels, some of which can work independent of data, so that the most important messages can be disseminated. Our team members have been asked to spread information on the ground in their communities and among their peers and students.


We have a team working on how we can work to use technology and content to extend education about Covid-19 to a larger audience in our communities and we will update you all on this mission over the coming days and weeks.

To date our President and government have acted decisively, with respect, sincere concern and tenderness, and our authorities have been quick to respond. We are thankful to all those who are working around the clock to protect our society as much as we can.

To everyone who has sent the GWF team messages of support, we cannot thank you enough.

May we all hold on to a piece of the pink thread that connects us and truly feel each other through it.


Kate and the GWF team



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