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Kate Groch

Founder & CEO

South African-born educator, Kate Groch,  graduated with a BSc from the University of  Cape Town specialising in zoology. Early in her  career she co-founded a company called Future  Nature Edu enabling young people from  international destinations to become involved  in South African community development and  conservation projects.

In 2006, realising the extent of the developing  world’s education crisis, Kate focused her  community projects and started the non-profit  organisation, Good Work Foundation. Together  with experts from around the world, she has  pioneered four digital learning campuses in  rural South African communities. In 2013, Kate  was invited to speak at TEDx in Edinburgh and  in 2015 she was named as an ‘Architect of  Change’ by bestselling author, Maria Shriver.Kate and her daughter Maya.

Dave Varty


Dave Varty co-founded Londolozi Game Reserve  in 1976, and has been involved in the  conservation tourism industry since then.

During this time he participated in the  establishment of CCAfrica, now AndBeyond. He  also consulted to the Mandela government on  water catchment management and the  establishment of the Limpopo Transfrontier  Park. Since 2007 he has been CEO of Londolozi  Game Reserve which has now been established  as a leading safari destination. During this time  he also initiated a number of Social Enterprise  development projects, including Chairing the  Good Work Foundation and the establishment  of the first ever community owned wildlife  corridor. In his capacity as Chairman of the Sabi  Sand Security Subcommittee, he assisted Bruce  Watson in the establishment of the pilot  Connect Conservation project which has now  been successfully installed.

Munene Khoza


Munene Khoza is the Founder & Principal  Consultant of MINT Language Consultancy,  a corporate communications and language  enhancement firm. Prior to her  specialisation in communications, Munene  gained invaluable project experience at  Accenture South Africa’s Strategy practice.

She is passionate about empowering people  and organisations through language, an  interest she explored in depth as part of her  studies. She holds an MA in Language and  Linguistics from Lancaster University (UK)  and a BA (Hons) in English Studies and Film  & Media from the University of Stirling (UK).

Bronwyn Varty-Laburn


Bronwyn Varty-Laburn is 4th generation  custodian of Londolozi Game Reserve, a mother,  and master life coach. She holds a Bachelors of  Marketing & Organizational Behaviour from  Bond University in Australia. Together with her  family, they pioneered the first prototype model  of distance learning education in South Africa,  which gave rise to the early idea and principles  that now form the thinking of the Good Work  Foundation. Bronwyn has been in the field of brand architecture for over 10 years and, as Creative Director, she has spearheaded the  reinvention of the Londolozi brand from 2007.  She launched the early concepts of the GWF and Track Your Life & STAR Retreats amongst others. She in a passionate  business consultant, specialising in  family business facilitation and personal  visioning.

David Ryan


David Ryan is the CEO & Founder of the world’s  largest online safari booking company, Rhino  Africa. David is a brave and pioneering  entrepreneur with a true passion for Africa –  especially Africa’s wildlife. Before founding  Rhino Africa David spent a number of years  earning his stripes and cutting his teeth in the  safari industry. He loves showing off our  continent to international travellers, but he’s also

conscious of the need for sustainable tourism  coupled with wildlife conservation. This was the  philosophy he adopted when he founded the  Rhino Africa Safaris group in 2004. While the  impressive growth of Rhino Africa has inspired  many, David takes particular pride in the social  responsibility aspect of his business. For David, it  is a business imperative – business will always be  a means to energetically facilitate beneficial  change in Africa.

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