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On the 26th of July 2019, we launched our fifth digital learning campus in the village of Dumphries. A special highlight was the awarding of the All Heart Fund Leanna Knopik Cup. This award is inspired by the heart and spirit of Leanna Knopik – a young American woman who has touched many lives.

Leanna’s Story

Leanna’s time on earth was brief. At the age of 16, she passed away suddenly after contracting a rare heart infection. A family trip to South Africa was a life-changing experience for her. She felt a sincere connection to the South African people and wanted to work as a missionary, helping children in schools and orphanages. Leanna’s loving friends and family often remember her as “all heart”. Leanna never had the chance to volunteer in Africa, so in the spirit of her heart’s wishes, the All Heart Fund was created to provide the resources and education necessary to enhance the lives of rural African families. Dumphries Digital Learning Campus is funded in part by the All Heart Fund and all those who support it in Leanna’s memory.

The 2019 All Heart Fund Leanna Knopik Cup

Runners up, Oscar Madonsela and Doylance Mbungela were honoured for their determination, selflessness, and kind hearts. The joint winners were cousins Tiyisani Mkhabela and Landi Mkhabela. Both are students at the Dumphries campus. Landi is differently abled, having struggles in communication and mobility. She is exceptionally bright and capable, and with the selfless help from her cousin Tiyisani, she has been excelling in her courses in the Bridging Academy. There are no two more deserving of this recognition than Landi and Tiyisani.

A very special thank you Steve, Beth and Rogers Knopik for being with us to present this award.

It’s amazing what can be achieved with a single dream.


To make donation to the All Heart Fund in memory of Leanna, select “In memory of…” on our donation page

To read more about Leanna and the All Heart Fund, visit this page

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