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We welcome Mosidi Modise to our board of directors

Mosidi joined our Board of Directors earlier this year and brings with her an enthusiastic, strategic mind. Her ability to think out of the box and bring innovative ideas to life, as well as foster meaningful conversation amongst any group, not only makes her a sought-after moderator, panelist and strategic conversation facilitator out there in the world, but now right here at GWF too. Her mission in life is to use her talents and abilities to add value to society. She is also a passionate motivator, particularly for women and loves a good MC gig (we can’t wait to call on those MC skills when we celebrate our 10 Year Hazyview Anniversary later this year Mosidi!).

She has moderated conversations on several platforms such as the World Economic Forum, TEDx Cape Town, and for companies such as Allan Gray. And not only is she a moderator, but she is a sought after speaker around the topic of the future of work , having co-authored a report titled `Shaping the Future of Work` in 2020 which was soft-launched at the Annual Meeting in Davos hosted by the World Economic Forum. She has participated in several panels locally and internationally providing insights on the topic, primarily on what the future of work means from an African perspective.

She is the managing director of Pivot Ventures which owns Moop – an advisory firm specializing in strategy, project management and creative communication services, serving clients such as the World Bank and companies in the private equity industry. Her company is currently engaged with the World Bank, to look at innovative solutions to tackling youth unemployment in South Africa.

She has 12 years work experience in investment management, hospitality and management consulting industry. Mosidi holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a B-Com Marketing degree. Her well-rounded experience in each of these areas make her an excellent advisor on both the operations and programmes of GWF.

She is an alumni member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community and currently an editorial fellow at, a U.S based tech firm writing articles about business trends in Africa on their behalf, making her very well versed in a diverse set of topics.

We sat down with Mosidi to learn even more about our impressive new Board member:

As A Young Girl, What Did You Want To Be When You “Grew Up”?

I wanted to be a chef – it still remains that one creative outlet for me to take a break from some of the mundane, draining tasks in life.

Who Are Your Role Models And Why?

I really look up to my granny , who I am named after. She embodies such great values – incredibly generous , warm , gracious, wise, especially with money. The world is a better place because of her…

Do You Have A Favourite Quote, Motto Or Mantra?

“You are the chances that you take, and the choices that you make”

What Are You Currently Reading?

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Let Love Rule – which is Lenny Kravitz’s memoire

What Food Are You Famous For Cooking?

The list is long, so I will only mention three dishes :

  • My curried coriander lamb riblets

  • Mango and coriander and celery salad

  • Bacon, cranberry and broccoli salad

What Three Books Would You Recommend?

​1) Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer

2) A Radical Awakening – Dr Schaufeli

3) Factfulness by Hans Rosling

What’s Been The Highlight Of Your Career So Far?

Starting my business right in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 and never for a day regretting that decision and always waking up to a life of adventure

How Do You Practice Self-Care?

Mindfulness particularly around what I eat and think

Putting a high premium on getting plenty of good rest

Listening to my gut most of the time. It has saved my life and sanity!

What Advice Would You Give Your 18-Year-Old Self?

Say yes to every enriching and challenging opportunity that life has to offer.

Don’t forget to get good grades in matric – they are the ticket to success.

What’s Been Key To Your Success?

My unwavering faith and sense of curiosity – always believing that thing will always end well for my good.

Are You Currently Studying Or Planning To Study Anything Soon?

No … I’m right in the throws of building my business so that’s a whole unending semester on its own…

How Are You Inspired To Change The World For Good?

I’m really dead set on taking whatever opportunity to help women thrive, seeing as many of them as possible with great education and getting great job prospects

Are You Excited About Your New Role On Gwf’s Board Of Directors? Tell Us Why!

Absolutely! I think that GWF is a truly pioneering organisation at the helm of developing rural communities to plug into the cusp of what is happening at a global scale and I certainly want to be a part of that .

Thank you so much for your incredible contribution to GWF’s Board of Directors Mosidi. We can’t wait to get to know you more!


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