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Open Learning Academy

The Open Learning Academy (OLA) is a model that focuses on English literacy, math’s literacy, digital literacy, wild-literacy and life skills for rural schoolchildren. It has been pioneered by GWF’s CEO, Kate Groch, with her background as a teacher, in response to specific challenges faced in rural schools, including the need for the development of STEM skills. The OLA does not replace the state curriculum but rather supplements the existing learning so as to bolster and support learning in rural schools, where it is most needed.

The programme is heavily underpinned by wonder-filled, gamified learning, that aims to reignite a love for learning. Phase 1 Grade 4 learners from participating schools come to the campus every week for a year as part of their formal study timetable. Each learner has one 60 – 90-minute session and learners are split into groups of no more than ten and – guided by a digital facilitator – work through a digital syllabus. The programme focus areas include English, Maths, Digital, and Conservation. Phase 2 A qualified digital facilitator – together with a charging trolley full of tablet computers and education software – extends the learning environment created at the Open Learning Academy back into the primary school, ensuring ongoing learning for grade five learners, and then grade six and seven in subsequent years. To meet a young learner called Karabo and watch our video explaining the OLA model, click here You can also see the Open Learning Academy in action by clicking here.

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