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Empowering women and the community

Good Work Foundation’s staffing is based on a local management model. We believe in building platforms for rural women, as well as rural men who value and believe communities that are made better through inclusivity and diversity.

Our biggest campus, Hazyview Digital Learning Campus, is managed by Ms. Linky Nkuna, a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow. Linky leads a team of 35 local people, of which 75% is made up of women. On her campus, 76% of adult students is made up of women.

Across the Hazyview Cluster of Digital Learning Campuses, 70% of programme coordinators are made up of women under 40 and Good Work Foundation’s entire senior programme and operations team is made up of women.

The Good Work Foundation group now employs over 100 people and, at all but one of our campuses, the Campus Manager is a local hero who is an alumni of our programmes.

We are also proud to have our own wisdom council, headed by education veteran, Maureen Groch (also known as “Gogo”), who heads a programme-wide development programme with Ubuntu as its foundation.


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