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GWF students show that a love of ICT crosses the gender divide

In April, we celebrated International Girls in ICT Day – but every day is ICT Day at Good Work Foundation! At each of our campuses, we work to integrate technology into all of our learning streams and activities in a seamless and future-focused way.

We are avid supporters of getting more rural women and girls hooked on coding and robotics and interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). And our IT Academy takes it a step further, training students to become level-one IT support engineers.

Did you know that in South Africa, the demand for skilled IT professionals is increasing every year? Our IT Academy aims to equip young people in Mpumalanga for these careers that are vital for the country’s acceleration into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Let’s hear from some of our female IT Academy students about why they are intent on pursuing a career in information and communications technology.

Here’s Agreement Chiloane, saying why she enjoys the challenge of learning IT skills:

Patricia Mahlalela says she loves digital gadgets and wants to enhance her skills in this field. When people told her “IT is hard”, she simply replied, “I’ll see for myself!”

Lorraine Ngwenya wants to prove to her community that women can succeed in IT – and even outperform their male counterparts!

Three cheers for GWF’s women and girls in IT!


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