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Our Team
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Promise Mpangane

Facilitator Academy Manager

How would you describe your personal brand?

I can teach students how to properly utilise their skills in the world of information technology and I strive to create an environment where students are encouraged to think critically, learn to analyse and solve problems.

What are your goals and aspirations?

My goal is to teach my students how to use social media platforms to market their skills and offer services online or remotely, increase employability opportunities and close the gap of unemployment. I want to help my students reach their goals and generate revenue through the skills I teach.

What do you consider to be your most impressive achievements?

I am helping to change the lives for the better of rural youth, by providing skills and knowledge to elevate their way of thinking. I can understand and respond to the needs of rural communities, allowing for more conversational interactions to help improve young people’s lives.

What's one quirky or fun fact about you?

I can analyse and comprehend complex information in information technology, making me useful for tasks such as summarising and breaking down difficult concepts to make them simpler and more easily understandable.

Promise Mpangane