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Powering the future: GWF celebrates International Girls in ICT Day and National Robotics Week

During April, we at GWF observe two incredible initiatives that champion the future of innovation: International Girls in ICT Day and National Robotics Week.

International Girls in ICT Day, held on the last Thursday of April each year, aims to create a global environment that encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the fields of information and communications technology (ICT).

Here at GWF, we understand the importance of breaking down barriers and ensuring that girls have equal access to these opportunities. That's where National Robotics Week, running from 6 to 13 April, comes in perfectly.

Through our Open Learning Academy curriculum and supplementary immersion programme, we're bringing the exciting world of coding and robotics to learners in underserved rural schools. 

We integrate coding and robotics into our lessons to teach them to do more than just follow the rules – we also aim to spark curiosity in young minds, especially among girls, to dive into the endless possibilities of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. We know that even if they do not pursue computer science or programming as a career, learning about next-generation technologies equips them with problem-solving, teamwork, communication, critical thinking and other skills.

It’s all part of how we are empowering the next generation of innovators and preparing them for the careers of tomorrow, through hands-on, wonder-filled learning.

Screenshot 2024 04 16 at 16 53 38
Bringing robots to life: a learner beams while mastering how to program a Dash robot at our Opening Learning Academy.
Screenshot 2024 04 16 at 16 54 43
We use Lego Spike kits and tablets to create fun and engaging activities for learners to experiment, problem-solve and unlock their creativity.
Screenshot 2024 04 16 at 16 55 38
GWF facilitators offer guidance and support to children through coding tutorials and educational games on tablets.
Screenshot 2024 04 16 at 16 56 31
Learners focus on tackling coding challenges using their newfound skills.
Screenshot 2024 04 16 at 16 57 13
Focused innovator: a student learns a variety of skills using the blocks in a Lego Spike kit.

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