Pledge to be the Network Someone Never Had

Singita, Seasons in Africa, Dulini and other hospitality heavyweights commit to youth employment in Mpumalanga

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Vacancy: Operations Manager

Closing Date: 31 May, 2018

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Imagine a Better Future

Let's imagine a better future together, one step at a time

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Video: Maths in the Sand

From learning maths in the sand, to using an iPad.

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The Case for Wonder-Filled Learning

Why is wonder-filled learning critical to South Africa (and beyond)?

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Video: ‘Wonder-Filled’ Experiences

A few moments that captured our heart.

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7 Best Photos from Huntington’s First Graduation

You decide which you like best.

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Pink Threads & Family

Kate Groch shares a Chinese proverb, talks about pink threads and reveals our 2017 Christmas video.

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Kate Groch’s TED Talk

Kate Groch, CEO of the Good Work Foundation, talks at the TEDInstitute sessions In Edinburgh about revolutionising education in rural South Africa.

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