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Good Work Foundation is a rural education non-profit organisation with a solid track record of success.

Teachers and principals at the schools we work with report markedly improved Mathematics and English outcomes for the thousands of primary school learners who receive free supplementary education at the Open Learning Academies on our six digital learning campuses.

Besides this, our Bridging Year Academy graduates achieve great success in either finding jobs or applying to college or university, and we have an extremely high placement rate for our IT, hospitality, conservation and facilitator graduates. Together with our partners, our Ecosystem of Learning and Working is taking on the pandemic of joblessness in South Africa.

Our demonstrated impact is proof that the GWF education model works. We are grateful for the support of partners, donors, sponsors and friends who help sustain our operations – and are always looking for new avenues of support to scale our model and thereby help more communities reach their full potential.

Get involved
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Donate to us

Good Work Foundation is a non-profit (registered both in South Africa and the USA) that prides itself on good governance, audited financials and transparency in the deployment of the funds it raises. 

We welcome one-off, recurring or legacy donations such as those from:

  • Individuals

  • Companies

  • Trusts

  • Bequests

  • Online fundraisers

  • Stock or share options

  • Cryptocurrency

Contact Gemma at to enquire about the various tax-deductible donation options available, and to discover how we deliver solid returns on investment for any company’s corporate social investment budget.

Go to: Donate today

Partner with us

Help us bring wonder-filled digital education to rural children and young adults – it’s an investment in South Africa’s future!

Join our family of valued sponsors and friends who are helping us transform lives, one tablet and one child at a time.

Here’s what our partner Bronwyn Varty-Laburn of Londolozi has to say:

"Good Work Foundation is about growing great human beings in a shared humanity. It’s remarkable to watch the human spirit come back to life if children are given a chance to dream."

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Fundraise for us

Keen to make a difference in the lives of rural children and adults through a fundraising campaign for your birthday, a special occasion or in memory of a loved one?

Get in touch to make a lasting impact through your special day or event:

Go to: Get in touch
Get involved
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Legacy giving

Do you want to leave a lasting legacy of education to benefit future generations?

Get in touch to discuss a bequest in support of Good Work Foundation’s work, such as a gift in your will, non-cash assets, beneficiary designations or qualified charitable distributions.

Go to: Find out more
Get involved
Get involved
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Our Ecosystem of Learning and Working

We have pioneered a unique holistic ecosystem that partners with young people in their journey to becoming well-rounded, employable citizens.

We offer complementary creative and digital education to primary school learners, and bridging education and vocation-driven training to school leavers. Then, we help place graduates at our partner tourism, farming and contact-centre establishments.

That’s our superpower as a non-profit organisation – being at the junction of philanthropy and social enterprise development!

Award-winning digital education programmes

Over 5 000 rural children per year experience wonder-filled learning, opening pathways to a brighter future.

Over 500 rural youth trained in our bridging year and specialised bridging academies

Preparing children for employment in the future

Meaningful employment at GWF's social enterprise or in local growth industries

Each job supports 5 to 7 dependants, boosting the local economy & reversing urban migration

Profit from social enterprise injected back into GWF

Get involved
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Volunteer with us

Do you want to volunteer and work with our team?

We have six digital learning campuses in Mpumalanga and the Free State and welcome volunteers who are keen to see how our pioneering system of experiential learning works. Come and experience the GWF magic!

Contact Gemma at to find out more.

Go to: Contact us
Get involved
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Visit us

A visit to a Good Work Foundation digital learning campus is guaranteed to leave a lasting imprint on your heart.

Witness for yourself the transformative power of wonder-filled digital and creative learning in rural Africa – the sheer joy and exuberance of our learners, students and staff will definitely make your spirits soar!

If you and your company would like to plan a visit to one of our campuses, please contact Gemma at to set up an appointment.

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