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Tshepiso Thelingoane-Moshesh

Hospitality Academy Manager

How would you describe your own personal brand? 

I am passionate about supporting positive changes in people's lives, no matter how small or large, and I believe that this can be achieved by educating and sharing information with those around me. Being in an educational or training setting also helps my brand to grow.

What are your goals and aspirations?

To continuously make a good difference in people's lives, whether it be by making them smile or by sharing the program's contents and my knowledge to brighten their futures.

What do you consider to be your most impressive achievements?

With the groups I started with, we had a 100% pass rate with no dropouts. We also introduced enjoyable activities to help our students improve their abilities, including the coffee competition.

What's one quirky or fun fact about you?

Even though I dance well, I don't look like that! 

Tshepiso Thelingoane-Moshesh